Monday, February 17, 2014

Rules of this blog


1. No posting "Get Rich Quick" schemes. You know what they are. Don't do it.
2. No posting "Throw a _ insert party here_" This site is for couponing tips only.
3. No asking for financial help here. We are not here to give you money or advice on how to make money.
*you may post sites that offer money for surveys, I find no harm in those.
4. Feel free to post pictures of your recent couponing trip and how you saved.
5. DO NOT post lewd pictures. You will be reported to facebook and blocked.
6. NO bullying. Period. Do not do it.
7. No posting " I saved X amount of money by going to this website and signing up for whatever" They are just scams and never work.
8. Feel free to trade coupons. I don't mind, but I am not responsible if you send something and never get coupons back in return.

That's all the rules for right now. I want this page to be a friendly exchange of ideas on how to save money by couponing or just living life frugally. If you have any questions on what to post, just ask. I won't be able to answer right away as I work and have a family to raise, bt I will get to them as soon as possible. Thanks for joining and I hope we can all save money by couponing!